Transgender Direct


The Transgender Direct Program supports transgender men and women to feel inclusive in the workforce by providing a protected incubation space and will be a strong advocate for a culture of equality, diversity, equity, and inclusion by means of education and engagement with clients, corporations, and community. This also includes individualized career incubation, transgender workplace union services, transgender corporate and community cultural development, and transgender representation on critical issues affecting a transgender person and their loved ones. We collaborate with top education experts, labor market analysts, world-class trainers, mentors, influencers and life coaches to give you the best resources to bring out your true skills, abilities, and key talents. Current competency metrics and benchmarks are utilized to discover and develop the missing skills that are needed to give you a stronger placement and marketability in today's labor market. With INCForce on your side, you know that someone is there to guide and support you or your employee, before, throughout, and after the transition period.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon